The Perfect Pairing – Encircled & Old Pali Road

Have you ever started packing for a trip, looked into your closet and thought “There is no way I’m going to fit this into that suitcase!” I know I have. But what do you do? I’ve tried the ol’ sit on the suitcase until it closes trick, and while it works it is a PAIN and it doesn’t leave room for any shopping. 

Thankfully I came across a new solution – Encircled. They make gorgeous clothing that can be worn numerous ways. Which means you only need to pack a few things, but you have countless outfits!

twist halter edit

My favorite piece right now is the Chrysalis Cardi. There are eight ways to wear this thing! I like the one shoulder dress for a night on the town and the cape for city sightseeing. Another great thing about these pieces is that they come in petite sizes – for short girls, like me (you too?).

Old Pali Road Earrings

Why it’s the Perfect Pairing?

The Chrysalis Cardi in Everglade pairs perfectly with the Old Pali Road jewelry set. The light greens and brilliant blues pop and keep you feeling beautiful whether you’re on the road, or at home. Our jewelry is featherlight, so it’s easy to pack and won’t weigh you down on long trips.


Get the Look

Pick up Old Pali Road here, and shop Encircled here.
What do you travel with Lane Tanner Jewelry? Post your pictures to instagram with #LaneTannerDesigns and tag me @LaneTannerDesigns.

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One thought on “The Perfect Pairing – Encircled & Old Pali Road

  1. Morgan,

    Thanks for featuring our Chrysalis Cardi with your jewelry in this post! The Everglade matches beautifully with your Old Pali Road collection.

    Where will you be taking your Chrysalis Cardi next for travels? I can’t wait to see!

    With gratitude,
    Kristi, Founder of Encircled

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