Talk Story Tuesday – How to Eat Monstera Deliciosa

Did you know that the Monstera fruit is really… Deliciosa? Well, let me tell you it is very delicious! We got a couple of Monstera fruit that were almost ready, so we took them home to ripen. I have no idea how people learned how to eat these suckers, but man am I glad they did! It is a tricky little fruit. It has a very high acid content so if you eat it too early it can actually hurt your mouth. I’ve heard people compare it to taro leaves that need to be cooked down very well before eaten, otherwise it is like eating fiber glass! If you follow the steps before eating you’ll be golden 😉Monstera

Here is how to eat ’em:

Step one: let it ripen! So I’ve heard a few theories on this one. Some say to have it ripen standing straight up. We let it ripen laying flat on the counter and it worked just fine. We put them all together in a ziplock bag and let them do their thing for a few days.

Step two: let it get stinky… well not so much stinky as fragrant. It smells a bit like banana. Yum! But don’t let this fool you. It is not quite ready yet.

Monstera Deliciosa

Step three: Let it shed. You know it will be ready to eat when the green scales of the fruit fall off and reveal the fruit kernels underneath. This means you are ready to rock! Just watch for any crystallization on the fruit pods. This means it is not quite ready to eat and could cut your mouth (I learned this one the hard way). The fruit tastes like a cross between banana and pineapple and is so worth the risk!

We knocked the kernels off and let them ripen in the fridge.
We knocked the ripe kernels off and stored them in the fridge for later.

It is a process to eat these buggers, but it is worth the work. So go forth and eat some Monstera Deliciosa!

7 thoughts on “Talk Story Tuesday – How to Eat Monstera Deliciosa

  1. Yum! I can’t wait to try this. Thanks for the tips on how to ripen the fruit. I’m going Monstera Deliciosa hunting!

  2. Someone just gave me one a few days ago and I just tasted it for the first time!

    It tastes just like a pineapple and a banana had a baby and it looks like that too haha!

    I had to come back and look at ur picture because I wasn’t sure if the black stuff was normal but I guess it is.

    How did I grow up on the big island and only now try this at the old age of 29.9!?

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