Talk Story Tuesday – Sailboats at Sunset; A Story in Picture Jewelry

This week I am starting a new blog series: Talk Story Tuesday! For those of you on the mainland, talk story is a Hawaiian pidgin expression. It means to sit and talk and remember old times or discuss anything really. I love this expression because it is not just “talk” but it is a way of life here in Hawaii. I often get caught up in conversation with random people on the street or at the grocery store. This took me a while to get used to, especially coming from a city (you don’t talk to strangers in the city!). To sit and talk story with people is a perfect illustration of the slow and thoughtful way of life here in Hawaii.

I’ll be telling the stories behind each photo I use to create each jewelry piece here at Lane Tanner Designs. I am super excited because each piece has a unique story and was taken in a special place in the Hawaiian Islands. This week I am excited to share the story behind the Sailboats at Sunset Jewelry Series, and I’ll give some great tips getting out on the water in Waikiki!

Sailboats at Sunset Lane Tanner Jewelry Design
Click here to view the Sailboats at Sunset Necklace!

Some of the best sunsets on Oahu are in Waikiki, and my favorite way to spend time in Waikiki is on the water. There are a few ways to get out on the water (1) Surf or SUP (stand up paddle board), (2) outrigger canoe, or (3) catamaran.

Three ways to sail
SUP, Catamaran Party and Outrigger… Three ways to sail! All can be done with drink in hand…

One of my most favorite times out on the water was in an outrigger canoe with the Waikiki Beach Boys Canoe Club. They have a $5 social paddle deal during the sumer season when they don’t compete… just paddle for fun! The weather was beautiful, but since it was summer on the south shore the waves were huge! It was a little freaky getting out past the break, but really fun too. At least we didn’t sink like we did at the Mokes!

The best part of that day was the dolphins! A huge pod swam through around and under our canoe. The water is so clear out there that you can see all the way to the ocean floor where the dolphins were swimming though. It was beautiful…

Swimming with dolphins in Hawaii
Ok, so this wasn’t Waikiki (this was out on the West Side) but you get the idea 😉

The photo used to create this jewelry piece was taken when we were entertaining some out of town guests. We took them on a sunset cruise on a catamaran on the Na Hoku II. This is a great option for people visiting Hawaii! We spent three hours out on the water and the views were spectacular!

Sunset Cruse

Check out the Sailboat at Sunset earrings by clicking HERE or the necklace HERE. And be on the lookout for more Talk Story Tuesday posts soon. Aloha!


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