Unique One-of-a-kind Gifts for Mother’s Day

Want to get mom something really special and unique for Mother’s Day and drawing a blank? This is how I used to feel every year! Luckily I own and opperate my own jewelry business, so I know exactly what I will be getting her this year. Mom, skip this portion of the post if you want it to be a surprise… 😉

Pali Road Collage Because I know it can be so hard to find the perfect gift, I am having a Mother’s Day Special of 20% off all earrings! Use the promo code JUST4MOM when you checkout. Click HERE to shop earrings.

But I just have to say that my Mom is seriously the best. She has always been amazingly supportive of me and my crazy ideas and dreams. She was the one who taught me to appreciate the outdoors and respect the environment. She is an avid hiker and gardener… her garden is outa’ control beautiful.


She also is an amazing artist. One of my earliest memories is playing and creating with her in her art studio. Me on the floor drawing with crayons and her at her desk creating. she is always creating, always working on something. She and I have that in common, we both love to create.

Some of the beautiful art my mom creates
Some of the beautiful art my mom creates

Without my mom I would not be the person I am today, so I would like to say thank you Mom for always being there and teaching me to see and appreciate the beautiful things in life. Happy (Early) Mother’s Day!

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